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🎉 Happy Anniversary, Sanjana Gurukul! 🎊

🎉 Happy Anniversary, Sanjana Gurukul! 🎊 Join us in celebrating the anniversary of Sanjana Gurukul, a renowned institute for Hindi language learning. 📚✨ Over the years, Sanjana Gurukul has been a guiding light, imparting the richness and beauty of the Hindi language to countless learners. 🌟🌱 Today, we commemorate this special milestone and reflect upon Read More

Rhythms of Emotion: The Beauty and Impact of Hindi Poetry

Introduction:Hindi poetry is a mesmerizing art form that weaves together words, emotions, and experiences, creating a tapestry of beauty and impact. Its lyrical melodies and profound verses have the power to stir our hearts, evoke deep emotions, and forge connections across generations. In this web post, we delve into the enchanting world of Hindi poetry, Read More

A Heartfelt Thanks to Lovkesh Arora Ji for Inviting Sanjana Gurukul to the Cricket Match at Wanderers Stadium 🏏

We would like to extend our deepest appreciation to Lovkesh Arora Ji for extending an invitation to Sanjana Gurukul to participate in the highly anticipated Cricket Test Match between South Africa and West Indies. The opportunity to be part of such a prestigious event is truly an honor. We are incredibly grateful to Lovkesh Arora Read More

Jyoti & Ashwin Shrivastava “Proud parents of Heyansh”

We were looking for a good Hindi teacher for our 4-year-old and then we came across teacher Sanjana's flyer on Facebook. After formal discussion we enrolled our son to start with his Hindi base. We would say that has been the best decision we took. The way she has comforted our little one with patience and developed interest in him for the subject is worth appreciation. With covid and limitations of online study practices we were little concerned initially as to how the learning will shape up, but all thanks to her she handled the varnmala phonic and writing so beautifully that we did not miss the actual classroom practice. She gives attention to every kid in the online classroom and makes sure kids have understood. She also understands Kids mood and make them understand the subject sometimes playfully being a kid herself, that is something praiseworthy. We can proudly say that our son is happily learning Hindi and he looks forward for the class and to meet his favourite teacher Sanjana. We as parents know one thing for sure that his love for Hindi learning is going to reach great heights under her expertise.

Mamta Bhatia -Los Angles United States Parent

I live in United States and both my kids are born here in US. My husband and I really wanted our kids to speak in Hindi so the kids can stay connected to our roots. Then, someone told us about Sanjana that she’s a really good Hindi teacher. Since, the kids have joined her Hindi class; they have started talking in Hindi and started showing interest in learning Hindi. Sanjana is an excellent teacher, knowledgeable, friendly, very attentive, and concerned about students learning. My kids are enjoying every single minute of her class. I would highly recommend her to everyone.

Monika & Lovkesh Arora Parents

We highly recommend Sanjana Gurukul to any parent looking for a professional, dynamic and effective tutoring service. Sanjana Ahuja is an excellent teacher. She is great at building confidence and keeping lessons fun and engaging through variety of activities that improve conversation, writing and reading skills. She has an amazing way of breaking things down so that they are understandable. With your guidance our son has developed fluency in Hindi language in a very short time. Thank you for your hard work and support.

Anita Sumani “Highly recommended”

I know of many kids who are learning Hindi from her and showing great results and improvement. We are really happy as, in a foreign land their children are learning to speak their national language. “Highly recommended”

Geeta Ruwali- Scotland-United Kingdom Parent

I wanted to thank you for your hard work in the Hindi classes that you provide. Your patience and commitment to support my son Sagar during the Hindi lessons really means a lot. Your expertise in teaching Hindi and unique techniques makes it easier for kids to understand the fundamentals and it puts our minds at ease as you not only teach them but you make them practice the lessons as well and all this you do with such great care. I am really grateful to have you as my child's teacher and wish you were teaching other subjects as well.

Medha Pravin Naikude Highly recommended

Highly recommended. My daughter is attending her classes and I can see the changes in her because Teacher Sanjana teaches with so much commitment and passion.

Suren Sooklal

Sanjana is a very calm and easy-going teacher with lots of patience. She has an interest in teaching Hindi and is dedicated. Being an older person, whose main language is English she encourages me in class and makes me feel very comfortable. She has an interest in her students and makes class very enjoyable.

Rwinder Soorae 69 year old learner

I am 69 years old from Durban. South Africa I always want to learn Hindi language. With Sanjana's unique and loving systematic teaching it became possible in January 2021. Thank you Sanjana