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India Culture

India Culture & Traditions

India is a land of ancient civilization. India’s social, economic, and cultural configurations are the products of a long process of regional expansion. Indian history begins with the birth of the Indus Valley Civilization and the coming of the Aryans. Indian culture and traditions are something which has now become renowned across the world.  We all refer to the customs and traditions of India as something very diverse and unique.

These two phases are usually described as the preVedic and Vedic ages.

India is one of the world’s oldest civilizations and one of the most populated countries in the world. The Indian culture, often labeled as an amalgamation of several various goolscultures, spans across the Indian subcontinent and has been influenced and shaped by a history that is several thousand years old. Throughout the history of India, Indian culture has been heavily influenced by Dharmic religions. They have been credited with shaping much of Indian philosophy, literature, architecture, art, and music.

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