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There are lots of ways to learn Hindi

There are lots of ways to learn Hindi, like going to school and a language training institute.  However, as we all know sometimes, we just learn the Hindi language by watching Bollywood movies or Hindi Drama, Cartoons, and listening to music. Here are some ways of learning the Hindi language in a fun way.

  • Watch videos or movies: Watching videos or movies really helps us to learn the pronunciations of words and dialogues. Without knowing, kids start to mimic the words and it helps them to recognize the phrase.
  • Listening to music: Like watching films or videos, listening to music has the same effect on learning new words. If the tune is catchy then it is most likely to learn at least one of the words that the singer is singing.  lakadi ki kaathi kaathi pe ghoda
    ghode ki dum pe jo maara hathauda
    dauda dauda dauda ghoda dum utha ke dauda 
    frame of wood, a horse on the frame,
    when the hammer striked on the horse’s tail,
    ran, ran, the horse ran with its tail high.

  • Have Hindi Speaking friends: Having Indian friends is one of the key factors of learning the language. If your friends Hindi language well then you are in luck, mostly your friend will try to speak with you in Hindi and this inspires you to learn more and stay in touch with your friend’s. If your friend knows the Hindi language then you can utilize the Hindi language to communicate with your friend, and it will be the perfect way to learn the language together.
  • Don’t get shy: Just don’t get shy, people usually get shy although their grammar, hearing, and writings are good. If you don’t use your newly learned language by speaking, then what is the point. Try to speak even if you make mistakes, it is completely OK to make mistakes and you can even get better at learning language by correcting your mistakes. Learn from your errors
  • Read a book: Reading books and specially graded reader books will dramatically increase your language learning abilities.

Learn Hindi in fun ways, just do your regular things like watching Bollywood movies, listening to music, have a connection with your friends and read books, then without knowing you will be speaking Hindi in no time.

Children learn languages more easily than adults and so introducing Hindi at a younger age is a great way to avoid the stress it could cause later. Moreover, children are curious little beings and it is not difficult to engage them in an educational activity as long as you keep it fun.




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