Webinar FAQs - Sanjana Gurukul


How long will it take to learn a language?

It depends on how much time you’re able to put into your studies, and how often you practice using the language. If your aim is to read a new language, you could learn to do so within a few months, if you are able to do plenty of regular studies and practice. It is possible to acquire basic conversational fluency, i.e., the ability to understand and participate in ordinary conversations, in 6-12 months or even more quickly if you are immersed in the language and focus on speaking it.

What do we receive as a Free Bonus post Webinar?

Sanjana Gurukul will be providing a Free bonus post Webinar

  • Hindi Worksheet
  • 200 Daily Use Most Common Hindi Words with English pronunciation and meaning
  • 100 Advanced conversational Talks for daily use.

How can I find time to study a language?

Start studying a new language 4 hours a day for two weeks. This will be more beneficial for you than studying one hour a day for two months. This is one reason so many people take language classes in school and never remember anything.

What will I learn in this Webinar?

You will be learning

  • Various aspects and areas of using the Hindi Language
  • Why each one of us should learn Hindi
  • How useful it can be to learn Hindi for daily use, Businesses, and Entertainment.

How would the Webinar suit the different time zones if one is staying in the US, Japan, Australia, etc?

We will be having more Webinars for the United States and other different time zone countries.
The first Hindi Webinar will be held on the 25th of June 2022 (SAST 16:00 to 17:30 PM (or UTC+2)).
Registered and interested one will get the recording post-webinar. Send the Inquiry to info@sanjanagurukul.co.za and email to sanjana@sanjanagurukul.co.za.

How soon would the regular batch start after the webinar?

New Batch will be starting on 1st July, you can send the inquiry at info@sanjanagurukul.co.za or direct email sanjana@sanjanagurukul.co.za for more details.

What would be the per session/monthly charges for the regular batch?

It depends on how many sessions in a week you will enroll as per your schedule which is very flexible. Send the inquiry for more detail to Info@sanjanagurukul.co.za